Patterson & Clarke

image1With Patterson & Clarke, the elegant secrets of how to create and present Michelin Star style recipes can be revealed. With our bespoke, hand crafted and mobile kitchen, that was lovingly painted by the talented Leah Hewson, we are ready to visit your work or home.

You may have attended cookery courses and classes before, yet our unique cooking demonstrations will provide you with skills that nobody else is offering. We have careers that reach the stars and we’ve cooked for some our your most beloved celebrities and public personalties you see on the big screen today. If you’re lucky we may even tell you who.

Whilst gaining private access to the beautiful world of Culinary Art, our methods will advance your cooking and plating abilities. We don’t just want you to learn simple and easy recipes, we want to take you up to the higher levels of gastronomy you never thought were tangible.

image2We will pass on our knowledge of how to source the best ingredients that our magical land has to offer and how to find the perfect harmony between flavour, texture and colour for a superior taste and visual impact.

This is an fantastic way to bring together people of all cooking levels and capabilities to learn and have fun.